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What factors can cause loss of hearing?

Hearing is one of the senses that we have and it is very important like other senses in our body. Thus, we should take care of our ears and other organs that contribute to helping us hear and connect with our environment. The sense of hearing is one that allows us to get information from other people and also goes a long way to protect us. We sometimes hear about a danger long before we have the opportunity to see it. Furthermore, considering the importance of communication, loss of the sense of hearing will easily affect an individual negatively. This article will discuss some factors that could lead to loss of hearing.

Loud music

One of the major causes of people losing their hearing is when they are exposed to loud music or other forms of loud sound. Many people love to listen to music regularly, and they prefer listening to music at very high volumes. To make matters worse, they also invest in very high quality and loud earphones that they plug on their ears frequently and listening to music at a very loud volume. For others, it could be that they visit an event and their seat is close to one of the loudspeakers. Hence, they experience very loud sounds from the speaker during the duration of the event. When that happens regularly, the individual will be at risk of losing their sense of hearing. The ease with which they hear low-volume sounds will start to reduce until it becomes difficult to hear when somebody is talking to them at normal volume. Some work in factors where the machines make very loud noises. They go to work daily and are exposed to such sound for 8 hours or more daily. The ear will suffer from such exposure in the long run. Hence, you should avoid exposing yourself to loud music and sounds as much as possible. If you can avoid noise, you can invest in earbplugs that can help you block out loud noise when you can move away from the loud sound.

avoid exposing yourself to loud music and sounds


Another factor that contributes to a reduction in hearing is aging. As we get older, we will start to lose so many things as a result of aging. Even though it is more of a natural process, how quickly and how much of the things we lose will be as a result of our habits and lifestyle during our youthful days. Some of the things we will observe as we age include a reduction in the effectiveness of our sight, hearing, and our general health. Hence, we should adopt a healthy lifestyle so that as we grow older, we would have better sight, hearing, and health for as long as possible. However, when we start to notice a decline in our hearing, we can read about companies that sell hearing aids on such as about hearing Better to know which reliable companies sell quality and affordable hearing aids.

Using sharp objects on the ears

Many people have lost their hearing completely from using sharp objects on their ears. The sharp object damaged the eardrums and they lost the sense of hearing. Avoid putting sharp objects into your ear for whatever reason. If you must insert an object into your ear, be sure to only use a quality cotton bud. You should also be careful not to push it too deep into the ears more than you should. This will help to reduce the risk of getting organs in your ears damaged due to the object you put in. You should also make sure that the cotton bud you use is clean and hygienic. You do not want to pass germs into your ears that could affect your hearing. In furtherance to protecting your ears from sharp objects, you should also be mindful of your environment. For some people, it was not like they inserted a sharp object into their ears but they mistakenly ran into a sharp object with their ears instead. You should also keep a distance from people holding sharp objects and do not play with anyone who is holding a sharp object. You don’t want a mistake that will make you lose your ears, your eyes, or even result in injury to any part of your body.

Physical abuse close to the eyes

Another reason why people lose their hearing is physical abuse close to their ears. The most common of this is slapping. Parents and siblings should avoid slapping their children and other siblings to protect their hearing. Repeated severe slaps and blows on the ear or the face could affect the ears of a person and subsequently lead to loss of hearing.