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The Benefits of a Smile Makeover

We only get one smile and if you feel self-conscious about yours for whatever reason then it can really affect your everyday life from how you eat and speak to your social life, career and of course how you feel about yourself.

A smile makeover is a great way to improve your teeth and smile not just aesthetically but also functionally using one or a combination of several cosmetic dental procedures.

If you are unhappy with your teeth and are considering a smile makeover, then here are just some of the many benefits that may help you come to a decision.

· Boost Your Confidence

Having issues with your smile whether it’s because of discolouration, misalignment, or multiple issues at once, it can really affect how you feel about your appearance. One of the most important and obvious benefits of a smile makeover is that your new smile will help to greatly increase your confidence so that you can laugh, smile and be proud to show off your teeth.

· More Efficient Treatment

When people undergo treatment to improve their smile, they often do it over many years with the procedures all spaced out. A smile makeover involves a tailored, streamlined treatment plan which ensures that all procedures are carried out in stages and in the most efficient way possible. This works to best maximise your time and budget so that you can meet your smile goals as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

· Better Oral Health

The advantages of a smile makeover go way beyond the teeth merely looking better, it can have a positive impact on your oral and overall health. When there are issues such as missing, broken, chipped or misaligned teeth it can make keeping them clean and healthy difficult which often leads to issues such as plaque, decay, and gum disease if not properly managed. Correcting these issues makes brushing, flossing and cleaning the teeth much easier and more effective.

· Improved Function

Certain cosmetic procedures such as orthodontics, crowns, bridges, veneers and implants can improve your bite, enhance chewing function, reduce sensitivity, and help to resolve symptoms like headaches and jaw pain associated with TMJ.

· Long Term Investment

When it comes to our teeth, people can sometimes feel reluctant to spend money at the dentist and only proceed with treatments if they absolutely have to. However, you should consider your oral health and smile to be an investment that if you put in the time and money, will provide many advantages over the years that outweigh the costs. Spending a little now on a smile makeover not only means you get to enjoy all the many benefits of having a great smile, but it helps to prevent issues that can be uncomfortable, unpleasant and costly further down the line.

· Live Life

A lot of patients who undergo a smile makeover say that they feel like their teeth are holding them back in some way. This can be socially or romantically, feeling uncomfortable in situations face to face with people because of the way their teeth look. In their careers, finding it hard to speak up in meetings, do client facing or apply for the job of their dreams. Even simple things such as eating out at restaurants or in front of others and having to be careful about their food choices can be upsetting.

A smile makeover allows patients to live their lives without these restraints and feel secure enough in the appearance of their teeth to laugh, eat, speak, and smile so that they can thrive socially, in their relationships, career and all aspects of life.