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How Coronavirus Will Affect the Prices of Health Insurance and Medical Costs

The health sector of the globe has, in little time, become affected immensely by the pandemic outbreak. It is safe to say that this sector is mostly affected right now. This fact is actual and stems from the fact that the virus affects human health and has gradual results of poor health or death if symptoms are left untreated.

Over the years, the importance of health insurance gets preached like the gospel. One of the numerous benefits being the subsidised cash rate for treatment. Therefore, Health Insurance is insurance coverage that ensures an individual’s medical, surgical, or overall health expenses. There are two significant types of health insurance coverage. One ensures that payment is made to the “provider” (clinic or doctor) directly, while the other type ensures that the patient gets reimbursed after he or she must have paid the medical expenses out from their pocket. Hence, there is a need to know how to find reliable health insurance as this knowledge will assist tremendously in reducing the burdens of medical bills and healthcare. Therefore, it is imperative to understand that health insurance works based on the Premium paid for policies that cover healthcare. The meaning of this is that the health insurance premium gets paid monthly to keep the healthcare policy running.

The higher the probability of health risk occurring, the higher the tendency for an increased health insurance premium paid. The same principle also works for low health risk occurrence. For example, this goes to show that if one is endangered frequently at work, then, the probability of using the insurance will not be reduced. This time the non-usage will, in turn, result in a low or reasonable premium cost expected by the insurer. However, if the case is the other way, there will be an increased expected premium cost.

One of the significant fears caused by COVID-19 is that almost everyone is prone to contract it. This fear is mainly because the virus is no respecter of race, sex, gender, religion, or status. Therefore, the significant effect of Coronavirus on health insurance and medical costs is the hike in the prices of both. There is a need to have adequate health insurance coverage policy. The increase will result in an eventual rise in the health insurance premium and other medical expenses. Hence, the virus outbreak will, in little or no time, lead to a dramatic increase in health insurance premiums.

Studies show that the effect of the COVID-19 impact on the Health sector may not lead to a hike in Premium if the pandemic is limited to the current year. However, if the outbreak persists and exceeds 2020, an increase in insurers’ rates, which will, in turn, affect expected costs is unavoidable. Over the months, there has been a wide range of possible assumptions and outcomes. One of which maintains that the continuance of the pandemic will lead to a 4-40%premium increase. The continued outbreak will then give insurers a justified reason to propose the increase in expected costs (Premium).